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Neck & Head Pain

The neck is the most movable part of a person’s spine and is essential in balance and in the ability to perform ordinary tasks. Pain or restriction significantly limits functionality. Nerve pain from the neck may radiate into the arms and shoulders, with symptoms of pain, weakness and numbness. Arm pain may be due to weak circulation, nerve pain or bone pain. Appropriate diagnosis is essential for proper treatment. Dr. Barrington’s training and expertise can find the source of arm pain and coordinate appropriate treatment, including Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Some of the most common causes of head pain may be the result of blood vessel diameter changes (migraine), bone referred pain from the cervical spine, ligament stress at the base of the skull and sinus pressure. Functional Neurology may be helpful in finding brain-based therapies to help imbalance in brain function, one of the contributing causes of migraine headache. The Pro-Adjuster has proven helpful for those who suffer from sinus pain, providing drainage of the sinuses and pain/pressure relief. 

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